Book & Publications


A book of Calligraphy & Asmaa-ul-HusnaPublished by Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre Punjab University Quid-e-Azam Campus Lahore.
Jul, 2006
surah-muzammal Surrah-tul-Muzammil
Altafseer-ul-MurassaIllustrated Quranic Surrah with Tafseer by Saeed Ahmad Bodla. Published by Idara Shuaa-e-Noor Sahiwal.
Jun, 2015
  Oukhay Painday– The Difficult Journeys
Punjabi Poetry
A book of Punjabi Poetry with illustrations and Poems by Saeed Ahmad Bodla. Published by Maktaba-e-Imtiaz Urdu Bazar Lahore.
May, 1991
  Holy Quranic Prayers & Illustrated Stories
Adhesive Sticker Series for ChildrenPublished by Idara Al-Kitab, Urdu Bazar Lahore.
Sep, 1992
  Research Articles
Various Newspapers & MagazinesDozens of research articles on Art & Artists (Painters) and Inshayas & pleasant essays published in various Urdu newspapers & magazines.